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Mosquito nets


  • Mosquito nets help significantly to prevent diseases, such as malaria, that are spread by mosquitoes.

What you need to know

  • Mosquito nets are one of the most important ways to protect against malaria and other diseases spread by mosquitoes.
  • The most effective nets (LLINs) are treated with long-lasting insecticide (which kills mosquitoes).
  • These nets are effective for three to five years.
  • To be effective, nets must be used properly.

How to use long-lasting insecticide-treated mosquito nets (LLINs) properly

  • Hang the net above the sleeping space.
  • Make sure the net is tucked under the mattress or mat to prevent mosquitoes from getting inside.
  • Keep the net closed while sleeping and during the day while you are away from the sleeping place.
  • Washing the net can remove insecticide. When you wash the net, follow the washing instructions provided with the net. Do not wash the net too often.
  • Repair any rips or tears in the net.
  • Replace the nets at regular intervals, as advised (every three-five years).


A mother and child under a mosquito net

What you can do

  • Encourage every member of the community to sleep under a mosquito net every night. It is particularly important for children and pregnant women to do so.
  • Promote the use of long-lasting insecticide-treated mosquito nets (LLINs).
  • Make sure that as many people as possible have bed nets in your community.
  • Find out where to obtain LLINs and help your local National Society branch to distribute them.
  • Show people how to hang their nets properly. Visit households to help hang nets and encourage their use.
  • Follow up to ensure that households use their bednets.
  • If people are not using their bed nets, find out why.
  • Follow the directions on the other side of this sheet to make sure that bednets are used properly.

Community messages

See the following community messages to support mosquito nets:
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