Catalogue of Surge services

Cash and Vouchers Assistance (CVA)

CVA refers to all programs where cash transfers or vouchers for goods or services are directly provided to recipients. In the context of humanitarian assistance, the term is used to refer to the provision of cash transfers or vouchers given to individuals, household or community recipients; not to governments or other state actors. This excludes remittances and microfinance in humanitarian interventions (although microfinance and money transfer institutions may be used for the actual delivery of cash).

Rapid response personnel

Technical competency framework

Tiered compentencies describing the knowledge and skills expected of personnel in this sector.


Rapid Response

Additional resources

Cash in Emergencies Toolkit

The toolkit should inform and guide the implementation of cash programming, to improve the quality at the different phases of the project cycle.

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Cash Hub

A platform for the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement about cash as a tool for humanitarian assistance.

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