Catalogue of Surge services - Health

Emergency Mobile Clinic


Day time services with supplies for 1 month, before replenishment needed, and operational for up to 4 months.

Emergency Services

Mobile emergency clinic to provide primary health care and urgent services to adults and children within hard-to-reach communities. Services include:

  • Triage.
  • Assessment.
  • First aid.
  • Basic medical care of common ailments including childhood illnesses, non-communicable diseases, communicable diseases.
  • Stabilisation and referral of trauma and non trauma emergencies.

(section to be revised once ongoing development is complete)

Designed for

Unit can be deployed within 48 hours upon receiving a deployment request; base of operations can be setup within hours once on site, is self-sufficient for 1 month and can operate for up to 4 months. Designed for the provision of mobile emergency health services in communities with limited access to health care as a result of:

  • Natural disaster with health infrastructure damage; mobile clinic is a temporary substitution of services while infrastructure comes back online.
  • Population movement where groups of people settle in areas where there are no existing health services and no permanent health facilities.
  • Migrant populations where groups of people are continually on the move; access to health services and/or permanent health facilities is difficult to predict.
  • Conflict/tensions between communities; health facilities exist but communities can’t safely access them.


Total: Typically 14-19 people from sending NS + 11-25 contracted locally.

Composition: Deployed team includes: team leader, deputy team leader, finance, admin, logistics, doctors, nurses, technicians, PSS, public health, and others. Contracted local personnel include nurse, triage nurse, doctor, translator, midwives, cleaners, social mobilization (NS Volunteers), PSS (NS Volunteers), and others.

Standard components

Specific module names and components may vary but generally include the following:

  • Mobile Clinic Module: (under development)
  • Pharmaceutical and Medical Consumables Module(s): Contains a minimum one-month supply of the medications and medical consumables needed to provide services according to the MSF Clinical Guidelines; quantities also largely based on Interagency Emergency Health Kit calculations for coverage of health needs in a population of 30,000.
  • Medical stores/warehousing Module: Contains the equipment and materials needed to set up a warehouse space to store and manage drugs and medical consumablesAdministration Module: equipment/materials to set up a field office.
  • IT/Telecommunications Module: Contains portable laptops, satellite communications equipment, mobile telephones and VHF handsets for two-way field communications, as well as essential equipment to set-up a local wireless network within the health facility and field office.
  • Vehicles: 4x4 Toyota Land Cruisers as per IFRC specifications for team field movements, and possibly patient transportation (where context dictates); right hand and left hand drive options available; quantity deployed varies according to size of team and context.


Weight: TBD

Volume: TBD

Cost (indicative): TBD

National societies providing this service: Canadian, Spanish.