Catalogue of Surge services - Health

ERU PSS Module

Emergency Services

PSS delegates to provide psychosocial support to adults and children within communities affected by acute crises. Services include:

  • Assessment.
  • Volunteer training.
  • Referral to local services.
  • Psychosocial first aid.
  • Child friendly and other safe spaces.
  • Psychosocial Support in Emergencies (PSSiE).

Designed for

Unit can be deployed within 48 hours upon receiving a deployment request; base of operations can be setup within hours once on site, is self-sufficient for 1 month and can operate for up to 4 months.

Designed for the provision of support to NS initiating or augmenting PSS activities in communities affected by acute crises such as:

  • Population movement.
  • Natural disaster(s).
  • Public health emergency.


Total: Typically 1-2 people.

Composition: Deployed team includes one to two psychosocial support delegates. Delegates normally have a social work, nursing or psychologist background and IMPACT, ERU and PSS in emergency training.

Standard components

Specific module names and components may vary but generally include the following:

  • Psychosocial Support (PSS) Module: Contains essential equipment and materials needed to carry out a rapid needs assessment to identify vulnerable groups, and support an operating NS to implement volunteer-driven PSS activities; activities focused on training up volunteers as needed, coordinating closely with social institutions and other humanitarian actors, assisting adults in affected communities with practical information, emotional and social support through PFA and referral, and setting up play and recreational activities for children where relevant and/or safe spaces for other vulnerable groups, as required.


Weight: TBD

Volume: TBD

Cost (indicative): TBD

National societies providing this service: Canadian, Danish, Finnish, French, Israeli, Jamaican, Japanese, Norwegian.