Catalogue of Surge services - Health

Safe and Dignified Burials

(Under development for 2021)


Establishment of safe and culturally appropriate approaches to burials for outbreaks of hemorrhagic fevers (e.g. Ebola, Marburg) and other high impact diseases with a significant risk of post-mortem transmission.

Emergency Services

Design of SDB system, including alert, response and data management, for rapid implementation of SDB programming. Provides training, equipment, logistics, supportive supervision, etc. to ensure safe and functional SDB system.


Total: Typically 5-6 people.

Composition: Team leader, educator/trainer, logistician, PSS, IPC/WASH, finance/admin.

Standard components

  • SDB training kit (1)
  • SDB starter kit (2)
  • SDB replenishment kit (1)
  • Bodybags
  • Digital Data gathering kit
  • Vehicles x 2 per SDB team


Weight: approx. 600 kg

Volume: approx 3.2 CBM

Cost (indicative): (to be confirmed)

National societies providing this service: Canadian

Variation on configuration

Number of SDB teams and kits required to be scaled based on population and geography affected by outbreak.