Catalogue of Surge services


The Movement has expertise in a varierty of other areas important for a successful response.

Additional services

Civil Military Relations

Disaster responses increasingly have a domestic and/or international military/police component that interact with RCRC Movement components responding on the ground.

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Disaster risk reduction (DRR)

Raise awareness and funding for emergency operations but also to strengthen the fundraising capacity of National Societies during emergencies and their collective accountability and donor stewardship.

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Human Resources

Providing HR services to emergency operations.

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International Disaster Response Law

Addressing legal and regulatory issues that commonly arise concerning international assistance following disasters.

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Providing assistance and protection to migrants, the host community, as well as those left behind.

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National Society Development

The development support provided to an individual National Society will depend on its current situation and priorities.

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Partnership and resource development

Supporting NS building their capacities to develop domestic fundraising portfolios, and also coordinating global initiatives when best placed to do so.

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Preparedness for Effective Response (PER)

A cyclical approach designed to empower National Societies to become more creative and innovative in their disaster management actions.

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Supporting NS and Ops Management to ensure that recovery is considered early in the operation.

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