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National Society Development


Strengthening of National Societies is one of the Federation’s and particularly the IFRC Secretariat’s fundamental tasks. During emergencies and crisis NS development may be jeopardized by national and international support channeled through the National Society. The IFRC and National Societies partners will ensure that National Societies are not harmed and NS development is not negatively affected by the international support they receive.

Support to National Societies during response operations should be guided by efforts for self-defined development based on by their own strategy and its current situation and priorities, increase of capacity as local actor and improvement to effective local response. National Societies are supported to balance their humanitarian obligations towards vulnerable groups with existing organisational development commitments in order to develop their auxiliary role, strategy, governance and accountability; strengthen areas such as financial management and sustainability, communications, ensure volunteer engagement and management and improve capacity to manage external relations.

Rapid response personnel role profile

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