Catalogue of Surge services - Relief

ERU Relief


To support the host National Society to support/update relief assessments, targeted people selection, targeted people registration and to assist in planning and set-up for food, cash based interventions and household items (including emergency shelter material distributions), as well as produce relief distribution statistics and reports.

Emergency Services

The capacity of a deployed Relief ERU depends of support identified needs to carry out relief cycle activities:

  • Relief assessment.
  • People targeted targeting and registration.
  • Distribution and related awareness.
  • Post distribution monitoring and reporting.

It could come through deployment of qualified personal without equipment to an equipped full team for a period of 4 months.

Designed for

Flexibility to adapt to:

  • Programmatic needs and possible modalities for relief support to be delivered (in kind Households items, CBI, emergency shelter material).
  • Operational needs to cover different geographic operational areas or hubs.


Total: 4+ people.

Composition: 1 team leader, 1 or more field officers, 1 logistic/relief interface officer, 1 finance/relief interface officer, and 1 Relief Information Management (IM) officer (for large operations only).

All field officers could support the implementation of the relief activities cycle with in kind distribution, but specialists in CBI or emergency shelter could also be mobilized.

Standard components

  • Relief kit (RK) with material to support people targeted registration and distribution.
  • Medium Life Kit (MLK) with material to allow relief team to be autonomous.


Weight: RK = 518 KG / MLK = 1,926 KG (Weight based on French Red Cross reference. Kit can be modified depending on field needs.)

Volume: RK = 3.49 m3 / MLK = 9.5 m3 (Volume based on French Red Cross reference.)

National societies providing this service: American, BeNeLux, Danish, Finnish, French, Spanish.